Donnerstag, Februar 22, 2007

My Space?

Holy crap!

I'm a myspace user

Mittwoch, Februar 07, 2007

Pearl Jam

YEAH! Went with Chittick to Pearl Jam. Thanks Chittick!

No longer

hey. I no longer work in a hardware store. I work for the rail. I will no longer work there soon.

Montag, Januar 09, 2006


the title of this post is the result of dropping a speaker onto a keyboard.
I havent written much in a while.
I bet my loyal fans are pissed.

Sonntag, September 04, 2005

I am a samurai

And with my awesome power I chose to use word verification on my blog. Fuck you spammers!

Donnerstag, August 04, 2005

Operation Nova

I'm in a band again.

It's a good band.

Well, better than limp Bizkit anyways.

Freitag, Juli 01, 2005

How are you?

I don't really care, but I have to ask you because it's part of my job description.

Samstag, Juni 18, 2005

Meet the Fockers

Has anyone else had this movie jammed down their throat?
I watched about 20 minutes of it and walked out of the room because it was craphouse!
Yet people keep trying to tell me how good it was!
"Oh it was so funny!" They say
No it wasn't
It was stupid and it was frustrating, What can't anybody see that?!
"No, Ben Stiller. Don't do it!... he did it... oh dear, now your father in law thinks youre a dickhead" Does anyone else think that Robert De Niro should stay away from comedies?

Dienstag, Juni 07, 2005

The ice-cream man

Have you ever noticed that when ever you hear the ice-cream man you get a little excited and start to panic? Even if you're not interested in ice cream anymore.
Just like when you were a kid and you'd go totally spastic looking for a parent to give you money.
maybe it's just me.
I dont like ice cream all that much any more but I notice that I breathe a little faster when I hear the ice cream man coming down the street.

Sonntag, Juni 05, 2005

Missy Higgins


Sonntag, Mai 29, 2005

Star wars III post - because everyone else is doing it

I wish to start this post with one word:

Doesn't that just sum up the whole of Star Wars?!
Luke, I am your father... NOOOOOOO.....
Lord Vader, You killed your wife (or whatever) NOOOOOOO....!

I'd hate to ever be the one to give George lucas bad news
"I'm sorry sir, we're all out of the coffee cake today"

Samstag, Mai 28, 2005

Postman part deux

I dont understand why everyone thinks of the postman as an angry man
the other day I was sitting on my front verandah as the post man went by
once he reached my house he noticed me sitting on the verandah and instead of putting the mail in the mail box he drove up the drive way and handed right to me!!
I was smiling all day!
The post man is my local hero!!

Chitticks party

Were hosting Chitticks party tonight. I even bought heaps of lollies. But no ones going to show up. They'd rather listen to metal.

I made up a saying today:
They make my lunch!
How good is that saying. It can apply to so many things. The thing in particular that cause this sentence was Pink Floyd.
I thought "gee, Pink Floyd really make my lunch"
How good is that sentence!!

Montag, Mai 02, 2005

The postman

I love the post man
He's just this funny little guy on a bike wearing a legioniare's hat
He drives around and gives people presents
Sometimes theyre crap presents
but theyre still presents none the less
Today I saw the post man hand a person their mail without even stopping his bike
What a cool guy
He's like a modern day Fonz

Dienstag, März 15, 2005

Suni's birthday party

my bathroom was defiled on saturday night
a 40 year old lady and a 17 year old boy made babies in there
We did everything we could to get them out.... but we couldnt
I sprayed them with the hose when they were making babies outside.... so they went into the bathroom and locked the door
They dirtied the place where I go to get clean!
The rest of saturday night was good. I got really drunk and fell over heaps
The 17 yr old boy started a fight with Jemerermy. we heard some yelling and and then everyone poured out the front.
Craig rolled up his sleaves and stomped out the front
Jarred put "eye of the tiger" on the stereo
There Was a Ruckas!
When Bryce passed out Zen stole his car keys and moved Bryces car up the road.
When Bryce woke up, the head rests from his car were in bed with him.

Donnerstag, März 10, 2005

Jamster Mobile frog, I hate you

you and your funny looking peter

Dienstag, März 01, 2005


got the shirt samples yesterday
Theyre awesome.
I'm awesome.
The word awesome is awesome.
I also have webbed toes
Nah, I lie
I wish I had webbed toes.

Freitag, Februar 25, 2005

Writing now gives me something to do in the future

Today I read all of my posts.
I had a lot of fun.
I find myself so interesting.
I'm so much more interesting than anybody else.

Dienstag, Februar 22, 2005

thats right

oh yeah, I have a blog.

Dienstag, Dezember 21, 2004

Once apon a time...

I cheated at uno and lost.

And lucy wont let me forget about it.
(Neither will kane)

Montag, Dezember 20, 2004


I havent updated in a while.
This leads me to think that maybe no body reads this anymore anyways
leave a comment for me if you read this, just so I know

Mittwoch, Dezember 01, 2004

Kerry Anne is an old tart

I was watching Kerry Anne this morning and I came to realise, this woman isnt a respectable television host, She's jst an old tart trying to get her hands on young flesh.
Didnt they axe her show a few years back? Why the hell did they let her have another show exactly the same (with a different name and in a different time slot)
Kerry Anne is yuck!

Dienstag, November 30, 2004

Tomorrow's just an excuse away

So I'll hold my head up and take the blame.... or something like that.
I'm finnished here.

Y'know, weird things happen. They happen everyday to everyone. They even happen to me.
One particular weird thing that happens to me is when I finally pluck the balls to tell someone how I really feel They end up liking me more.
eg. A girl I went to school with who I had never spoken to and who didnt like me was on msn. (I added her for fun) She got angry at me for adding her so I told her she was a stuck up bitch and so are her friends and they only pretend to like her. She then broke down and told me a heap of stuff and gave me her number.

This happens a lot!

I went to Yoga last night and it was really good. I like Yoga

Cruising along

well I have to give a presentation to a bunch of Indian people in Canberra next Tuesday.
Then the company can start rolling.

Vous avez su que je ne peux pas parler français très bien. J'utilise juste un traducteur.

Montag, November 29, 2004

last week

This is the Last week of Tafe this year.

I'm going to be on Big Brother next year, I've decided.

Holly came over yesterday. We ate sausage rolls. I make good sausage rolls.

Y'know if you look at enough sites you can get free samples from places!
I love it.

Mittwoch, November 24, 2004

Another Wednesday

One day I'm going to go to Denmark and I'm going to their technical and further education campus and I'm going to sit in their computer room and talk in english really really loud just because I'm spiteful.

Fucking danes

Dienstag, November 23, 2004

Blue berry danish haiku

I went home at lunch
To eat a blueb'ry danish
It was awesome fantastic.

Anyway, Music jamboree is back on!
I love you John safran.

Montag, November 22, 2004


I didnt really know what to title my blog.

I went to the markets yesterday to sell my paintings and got really sunburnt!
It hurts.

I was thinking the other day...
Y'know when you get off, The exact moment of the peak a thousand things go through your head all at once.
I always try to remember the last thing. I try not to think about it when it's happening otherwise getting off is not as good.
The other day the last image in my head was a noose. I dont know why. It was just a noose.
One other time it was a witch.
It's like your brain goes spastic for a split second and shoots randon images.

Just a thought.

Samstag, November 20, 2004

Seen the Grudge?

If you havent:

Mike Morris

Shit I'm funny.


At least Holly thinks I am.

Dienstag, November 16, 2004

Jesus prefers cocktail umbrellas

in his martinis rather than small paper pineapples.

But the department of education wont allow that sort of talk.



I've finnished editing my commercial for my film assignment.
It's stupid.

Two and a half weeks of school left.

Unsound was on the weekend.
Shit it was good!
It's probably the only place in the world where you'll see:

*A father saw off pieces of his guitar so his son and wife can build block towers.
*A teenage boy in Klu Klux Klan getup playing a kazoo.
*or some guy making music by rubbing his face on glass, then taking a bite out of the glass, then the glass just falling to peices in his hands.... then just walking out like nothing was going on. There was fucking blood all over him.

Lucas.... what a nut case. Well at least he wasnt passed out under the table in the foyer before he had to play, like Bradbury.
Bradbury bought a beer for Lucas and ended up giving it to me, I don't know why.

During the day we went to a farm and then to Coolamon. The singing wires on the farm were great. Coolamon was pretty good too, everywhere had discounts for Unsound season pass holders.
I was a Unsounds worker so I got my pass for free!
We even got a free beer at the pub. Lucas was drunk by lunch time and was beaten at pool by a 10 year old. The bus ride to the uni he was complaining the whole time about needing to urinate, as soon as the bus stopped he ran off and pissed against a tree in the uni car park.
We watched a few short films and things in the uni textiles rooms, lucas and Bradbury got the screen printing stuff out and were putting pictures on their clothes.
It was a pretty good day. One girl thought I was one of the artists/musicians.

Unsound = strange weekend.

Dienstag, November 09, 2004

I'm bored

I want to go home but I left my keys inside. I have to go home with Craig.

Mittwoch, November 03, 2004


I love CNN. I love CNN so very much.
I am being updated to the micro second on the presedential election.

Montag, November 01, 2004

Ce week-end

Est allé voir un festival de film à gauche tôt. Voilà. Apart from that, I cleaned my house. Will and Kane came over,

Dienstag, Oktober 26, 2004

temps à la maison

Je devine qu'il est temps d'aller à la maison maintenant.

come play my game

it's fun..
Mike's reviews

Wurd up

I've had three hours sleep.

Markets this weekend. Time to offload some more framed crap.
now some of my pictures have frames on them, I can sell them for $30 rather than $10.

Montag, Oktober 25, 2004

The Big L

"Donnie! You're out of your element!!"

I miss that movie

Story time

Once apon a time there was girl.
When she was 18 she was evicted because 6 different houses complained about the noise level and the neighbours claimed that the goings on in her house were "enough to make a sailor blush".
People would come from all over town to stay at her house
Even people she didnt know
After all this the girl moved to another house that over looked the lagoon.
The veiw was nice but the house wasnt.
All this time she had been drinking two to three casks of wine a week
For her birthday she recieved Four casks
She drank a lot and had lots of fun
Everybody else thought she was fun too

Now she is fucking boring.
People say it is because she doesnt go out anymore, but to tell you the truth she never really liked going out any way. It was too expensive and it was a scary walk home.
Other people say it's because she barely drinks.
Well she's taken up drinking again and she is still boring and unhappy

Who knows why she is like this.

So Far.......

well......The weekend was ok.
There is now a MAC in the house, It has chess on it!
Ruso died on the weekend.
I loved Ruso, I wish he didnt die
I gave him a water burial
I left the moth in his tank

I had a look at my old House comic site this morning
I'm going to get my act together and continue building it. I havent touched it or written any new comics since I was in yr 12.... Thats two years ago!!

p.s - congrats to Mark. That is my name. Starla is my pen name.

Donnerstag, Oktober 21, 2004

My bear

We all know what my arm looks like
Well, I thought I would finaly expand my bear to the full picture
Now, the bear it's self was $50
I was cool with that, $50 is the minimum charge anyways
Here is the finished product(Tattoo is a lot larger than picture):

I just wanted to start with the crown and the bits of ribbon.
I was so pissed.
I was expecting $100 at the most.

Now that I look at it again, $180 seem kinda reasonable.

I should stop winging.

Mittwoch, Oktober 20, 2004

Problem solved

I've been pretty confused lately
I couldnt figure out what happened to my personality
Y'know what happened...
I stopped drinking!
That's the problem.
I've gone from buying wine before food to nothing.
I hardly even drink on weekends!

Tomorrow I get payed.
Tomorrow I buy a cask!

Blerfing. The newest craze!

Y'know, I'm not the only one in the world who Blog surfs (I wish to call it Blerfing in hope that it will catch on). Whilst Blerfing I noticed that most people have their names somewhere in their post, whether it be their profile or blog title...whatever.
Y'see... I don't. I don't know why I don't. I just don't.
I challenge any blerfers out there to find my name.
Y'know what else?
It's been a while since I've posted a haiku.

c What happened? d

I am really bored
Multimedia was fun
But not anymore

I don't know what's happened to this class. I'ts just not fun anymore.
I'm going to do fine arts next year. Fine arts is the shit!
The fine art team look like theyre always having fun.
I could spend my days painting and drawing.
What a fucking dream!

speaking of my drawing... My old drawings. My old site.

I wish...

I wish I were John Safran.
I just want to talk about John Safran all day.
I'm going to buy the DVD of John safran vs God
blah blah blah........ John Safran Blah Blah Blah.........

john safran

Heh, Pyro just called his computer a slut.
It's not every day you hear that.
I think I'll get a credit card today.

For the first time ever my design got on the first scoring page on threadless..... and wouldnt you know, I dont even like threadless anymore. It's gone to the shitter!

On a much lighter note, I had Hungry Jacks for lunch and the chick gave me a dicount because I was nice to her back on her first day.
It pays to be nice.

err... I can here some fucker playing Disturbed! bleh!

Dienstag, Oktober 19, 2004

Hey Lucibel




The posters are up for Unsound 2004.
That means I can get tickets
That also means I get the DVD of Unsound 2003.

Should be a good couple of days.

Blog surf

I've been blog surfing. There are some pretty interesting people out there. One guy in particular I found interesting, his name is philip (one L) and he has family in Taiwan. thats pretty cool.

bye bye bike

I had to take my low rider off lay buy because it's too expensive and I need a scanner first.

Donnerstag, Oktober 14, 2004

All my friends.....

I put my low rider on lay buy. It's so freeken hot!

Dienstag, September 21, 2004


ben wrote me a letter a few months ago going on about how much he loves me blah blah blah.
It was full of spelling mistakes.
I corrected the spelling mistakes in red and sent it back to him.
I hate spelling mistakes.

Montag, September 20, 2004

Lonely blog

I dont write in this thing enough.

I'm off to canberra next week.

I'm also the lizard king... I can do anything.

I remember during the winter holidays in year 10 I tried to convince myself that I was the reincarnation of Jim Morrison. I sat on the feild behind mum's house concentrating really hard.
It didnt work.

Dienstag, September 14, 2004


so it seems I'm opening my own business.
T shirt designs.
I like desinging t shirts.Thats why I submit to threadless.
One day I shall master the world of vectoring!
I'll be the fucking king.....

one day

Donnerstag, August 26, 2004


Last Thursday night was great. We had about 9 people over, drank punch, went to 96 and had fun.
Now it's thursday again.
counter lunch and then...? probably nothing because I am a povo dickface.

I have uploaded two submissions to they should be ready to score in about two days.
Keep an eye out for 'A Little Japan' and 'Houndstooth'.
If you inclined to give me a 5, I would really appreciate it. (I would also appriciate a 0, any score would be nice)

Donnerstag, August 19, 2004

New house

I have a new house and tonight I'm having a pre 'unsound launch' party. Let's see how many people I can gather in 7 hours. I have 7 people so far.

Donnerstag, August 12, 2004

Fucking danes

Fuck the Danish!
Fuck them...
fuck them and their stupid language.
they're so fucking loud.
onta gleipen unt speicen glocken ans tri ben sein!!

On a much lighter note, It's thursday and in 18 minutes Im going to 96 to eat a grilled chicken sandwich with gravy on the chips! woo!

Dienstag, August 03, 2004

The best of...

I put a lot of effort into some of my blog posts... here are links to the best ones:

the day after tommorrow
all my haikus


Yesterday I bought a red Betta. Not to replace Nosferatu, but to put colour back in the tank. He's awesome.

Montag, August 02, 2004

Sundays are crap

Nosferatu (my fish) died. I hate sundays


Nosferatu was a betta. He had a girlfriend who was also a betta, her name is Nina. I think that Nina may have killed Nosferatu. I hope not. I'm going to get a Red betta in a few days. Jenny says I should call him Nina, this way I will have 2 Ninas. I dont know what I'll call him

Dienstag, Juli 27, 2004


oh my god!!!

Montag, Juli 26, 2004


on saturday night I got really drunk and fell asleep in my brothers bed and then slepwalked to the bathroom

jess and craig

jess is Awesome!
Go Jess!
Jess is so cool
She makes Craig look crap!
Craig is Crap
What a crap bastard

joshua is pink

joshua is very pink.
go Josh!
what a pink bastard

Mittwoch, Juli 21, 2004


I dont like the danish
Bec doesnt like the danish either
Bec told me about the danish coming to Tafe and making a mess
they also dont say please or thankyou
Those bastards!
Craig thinks the danish can teleport
I think the danish people all look like Euro trash
I like Euro trash. But not the danish.

Montag, Juli 19, 2004


updatin' ma blog


I am no longer homeless, it's great! I move into my new unit on the 6th of next month Craig's a bit of a unit but a different type to the one im moving into You should ask Craig about the metric system. I bet $50 he doesnt say one bad word about it.    

Dienstag, Juli 06, 2004

I hate not having my own net

fuck the wagga library. fuck their crap computers. fuck the people that use them!
Fuck that stupid girl who is on the net here everyday doing the exact same thing and always smiling!!

Dienstag, Juni 29, 2004

I loveheart asians

I love Asians so much.
you wouldnt believe how much I love asians
I wish I were asian.
Sometimes I pretend my friends are asian by squinting my eyes
this inturn makes me look asian
Asia is an amazing place!
It's full of wonderful people and awesome technology
One time my uncle was mugged by asians in sydney
I dont believe this is true
asians are so peaceful, they would never mugg others.
My bet is that the people who mugged my uncles were just mean people wearing asian masks
I bet they were croations
Croation people are strange!
1st generation croations don't like my ripped jeans
2nd generation croations tell me to get my licence
and 3rd generation croations are overweight and have big hair (excluding my brother because he's a freak of croation nature!)
Only croation people would hate asians so much to impersonate them and mugg my uncle.

You know what?
India is in asia
but indians dont look asian
Indians are pretend asian
My friend suni is half Indian
Its not her fault she's immitation asian
she loves me so much she tried to be a little bit asian for me
That is nice of her
None of my other friends tried to be asian for me
except CHANG!
Chang is so cool!
he's so asian!
He can do everything better than other people
you know why??
Because he is ASIAN!!
he can play violin, download mp3s and do maths at the same time!
I love asians!!

awesome asian!

This is James Iha
He is an awesome asian
he plays for A Perfect Circle and he used to play for the Smashing Pumpkins
How cool is that?!
I should write a haiku about asians
asians invented haiku!
that's how awesome they are!!
My teacher scott has an asian tattoo on his arm
I dont know what it means
but it's asian!
That must mean that scott likes asians
maybe scott is asian
My friend Bec has asian writing tattooed on her arm
It means "I hate Craig"
I bet she hates Craig because he's not asian
Thats understandable
My boyfriend is craig and he has asian curtains in his room
they look like giant pants
Asians are so cool
they make curtains that look like pants!
Craig used to have an asian friend live with him
Craig is so lucky!!

Montag, Juni 21, 2004

You slack bastards!

I put so much fucking effort into my Movie post and only ONE of you slack bastards have bothered to comment on it. Fuck you!

I'm just not cool anymore

I've been thinking about what's considered 'cool' now and I just don't think I am there yet.
Everyone seems to be catching on to the new thing but me.
Depression, self loathing and suicide are just so 'in' now, how can I compete with that?!?
Even our good friend Britney has caught on. I'd imagine that if I had a cult following consisting of mainly impressionable teenage girls I would agree to a video clip depicting sucide as a glamorous way to go.

I have been wondering how cool I really am...
The cool check list:

  • My favourite bands include Evanescence and Nirvana (Nirvana never used to be cool because the lead singer was dead but death is pretty 'in' now)
  • I've recently taken up guitar (guitar allows me to express my depression in song)
  • I'm in a band, we cover Nirvana and that White stripes song
  • I bitch about pop music and how shallow it is
  • I dress in black (black mini skirts are especially cool because people can see your awesome black boots that just scream "I'm angry at the world!")
  • I'm considering a tattoo and one or two facial piercings, I'm just waiting until I turn 18 or at least old enough to look 18 (Or I'm just waiting until I am 21 so my parents can't ground me).
  • Drugs are like the coolest thing ever!
  • Skateboards are like the coolest thing ever!
  • Dredlocks are like the coolest thing ever!
  • I'm thought about death two or three times and have decided that suicide is the way to go!

Why can't kids just blow up cabbages like the kids in my day?

I dunno.... maybe I'm getting old.

(I'm not saying that Nirvana is bad, I'm just saying that everyone has suddenly fallen in love with them)
Josh, I think you missed the entire piont of this post.

Dienstag, Juni 15, 2004

Today and the day after tomorrow

Today is my mum's birthday.
We got her some DVDs.

Last night Craig and I went to see The day after tomorrow.
It was crap house
Hey look. There's a big ship. It's sailing next to the New York library. There is no one on it.
I have a great idea! let's get some medicine off it and get attacked by wolves!!

According to the creators of this movie:

According to me:

Donnerstag, Juni 10, 2004

table of flowers

Look!Look! It's a table full of flowers!!

pink and white flower
pink flower
Two of the flowers link to where I found them! Hoorah!


Today I am going for a counter lunch. It will be great!!

Mittwoch, Juni 09, 2004

Barefoot on Norman

Tonight My brother is playing at Barefoot on Noman Cafe.
He is playing Guitar with his friend Lloyd.
Lloyd is a pretty good guitarist.
I think everyone should go to Barefoot tonight.
I used to work at Barefoot.
They make awesome hot chocolates.

Dienstag, Juni 08, 2004

New assignment

I really dislike writing RDAs. really really.

Montag, Juni 07, 2004


If any one has old My Little Ponies that they would like to give to me (or sell), I am starting a collection again and would love them.
mail me:
I used to have this one!

Samstag, Juni 05, 2004

I'm in Canberra

I'm in Canberra
Thats where I am

Donnerstag, Juni 03, 2004

My little Pony


I love 'My Little Pony©'
Ponies are the greatest
When I was younger I had 52 My Little Ponies
My mum sold them all for $15
I want them back
I believe a Haiku is appropriate

c My Little Ponyd

When I was younger
I had fifty two ponies
My mum sold them all

I got Paid

Today I got paid and tomorrow I'm going to Canberra.

Dienstag, Juni 01, 2004


FACT: Craig and I have been together two months today
FACT: I am moving back with my mum next week to save up for my own place
FACT: I am wearing Suni's boots
FACT: I am going to write a Haiku about it.

cSuni's Bootsd

Where are suni's boots?
Where oh where are Suni's boots?
They are on my feet

Montag, Mai 31, 2004

Suni and the New CD

On thursday Scott gave me one of his CDs.
When I got home I rang Suni.
I said "Hey Suni, Scott gave me one of his CDs, It's really good. Wanna come over and have a listen?".
Suni said "sounds great!".
So suni came over.
I played the CD for her.
She liked it.
She liked the Nosferatu Soundtrack better.
I like the new one.
We both agreed that it was a lot better than the stuff I make on my computer.
Suni and I remembered the time we first met Scott.
Suni had a crush on Scott.
Suni's going to punch me when she finds out that I wrote about it in my blog.

Pretty as

My blog is pretty as!
I changed it to make it better looking and now it is better looking.
It's even better than Jess's.
Jess would probably argue that if she read this.
I will explain my self to her in a Haiku:

c Don't worry Jess d

My blog is quite pink
Pink is my favourite colour
Jess prefers orange

If jess and I were to go out and buy cars, my car would probably look like this:

A really good looking pink car
And Jess' car would probably look like this:
An ugly orange car

My favorite colour is also red.
I really love red.
I just thought pink would be nicer.
Pink is just a variation of red.
Pink and red are disgusting together.
Jess would agree with me if she read this.
I'm not sure if Andrew would.
I shall write a Haiku about it:

c I often ponder d

pink and red are gross
When you put them together
what does Andrew think

The weekend post

I like weekends.
Craig doesn't becuase he has to work.
One day Craig will get a different job and not have to work weekends.
Craig had an especially bad weekend becuase my room mate, Lincoln's dog scratched his car.
He was really angry.
I could very well write a haiku about it.

c Craig's Car d

The dog scratched Craig's car
Craig wanted to punch Lincoln
I was scared of Craig

Mittwoch, Mai 26, 2004


when I get bored I go here

The tourist

I love the Tourist.
They make the best counter lunches.
I love the bar staff.
Except for when Tim swears at me.
I love the $1 pool table.
Though it sucks when it's held and you have to play for it.
I go to the Tourist every Thursday for lunch and then I go there at night to get drunk. I haven't missed a thursday counter lunch yet this year. I am great. Counter lunches are great.There are no pictures of the tourist on the net that i can link to. You will just have to imagine it.

fry loves the tourist!
Fry loves going to the Tourist for a counter lunch. It's his favourite. Look how happy he is!!

I love the Tourist so much that I shall write a Haiku about it:

c The Tourist d

People get drunk there
They loose money on pokies
The seats hurt my butt.

Craig hates my friends

Craig seems to think it is no big deal hating my friends. I like most of his friends so he has no problems. I have decided to write a Haiku about it.

c Why Craig?, Why? d

Craig hates all my friends
That means he doesnt love me
Why dont you love me?

Damn you Department of Education and Training!

  • I got to Google.
  • I type Pink fairy.
  • It says:
NO! you are not allowed to look at pink things because Department of education and training are gay!
  • I try again.
  • It says the same thing.
To show how upset I really am, I wish to write a Haiku about it.

c I just want pink d

I go to Google
They say I am not allowed
Fuck you D.E.T

Dienstag, Mai 25, 2004

Haiku Tuesday

cTime for Haiku d

This is new post.
Haiku has two syllables.
I am really bored.

Montag, Mai 24, 2004

The Pointless post

This post is really pointless. I'm just writing for the sake of writing.

Did you know last night I walked into the loungeroom and Lisa was there and on Thursday I saw Zen at the library and yesterday Craig was at my mums house and the other day Jess was at the pub and Saturday night Bec was in my friend's loungeroom.

Tafe people are invading my personal life! that's ok though.

The table post

I Think Tables
Are Really Ugly

The sad post

radiohead bear that is magic and if you click on him you will go to the radiohead website

I love Radiohead.
If you didn't know that you have probably never met me before.

It was the year 1997, I was half way through my first year of high school. During this time the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo & Juliet had just been released and everyone was talking about how great it was. I wasn't really interested.
A few weeks after it's release I was visiting my father in Canberra. Thinking I was into new release movies and other things most teenage girls were into, my father purchaced the Romeo & Juliet for me as a gift.
I didnt have many CDs at the time, so even though I had never seen the movie I was pretty happy to have something to add to my music collection.
I listened to the CD all the way through but track 11 really caught my attention. I found my self playing it over and over. The song was called Talk Show Host and it was by the band Radiohead. I remembered that my dad had the a Radiohead CD (OK Computer) in his collection so I taped it and took it home with me.

Two years later my Radiohead collection had become slightly larger and I was a huge fan. One day I noticed an aquaintance of mine -Lucy- singing Exit Music (for a film) from Ok Computer. I asked her if she liked Radiohead or if she just liked the song? She told me that her brother had the album, she had been listening to it and now they were here favorite band.
From that day on we were inseperable. Radiohead Everything. We wrote cartoons about them, sung their songs all day and when we got home in the afternoons we would both be staight on the Radiohead message board.

As the years went on Lucy and I grew apart. By year 12 we barely saw each other and in 2003 Lucy moved to Sydney for uni. We sent each other the occasional email and moved on with our individual lives. Mid 2003 Radiohead released Hail to the Thief. It was the greatest album I ever heard. By December tickets were on sale for their Australian concert.My dad and i were on the phone at 9am despretly trying to get tickets, using our mobiles to check up on each other's luck. By 10:30 am Dad called to say he had tickets for Melbourne.I cried because I was so happy.
During the waiting period I went to Mauz and got a small Blinking bear tattooed on my arm. I though 7 years of love deserved a spot on my skin.Each day I changed the countdown to Radiohead on my screensaver.

On the morning of the 27th of April my dad and my brother picked me up from my house and we drove to Melbourne, the whole trip they were both being arseholes and put me in a bad mood. Once we arrived in Melbourne we walked around a bit and I eventually wandered off to sit in the park because I was sick of their shit. While at the park I saw a group of people that reminded me of some friends I have in wagga so I approached them. The first one I talked to reminded me of my friend Ian, he looked pretty angry about something. "You weren't going to radiohead tonight were you?" he asked "why?" I asked back the guy that reminded me of Ian's room mate, Lee butted in "They cancelled".
"Bullshit?!" I excliamed. They all shook their heads. Five of them had travelled from Perth and one had travelled from Armadale. They asked me if i would like to join them in getting drunk and starting a riot. I said Ok.
Rather than starting a riot we caught a tram to a triple x store and then went to the Crown. We all wandered into a crazy looking bar called Barcode and found four more dissapointed fans. I sat at the bar and talked to the bar maid "I take it from your shirt you were going to Radiohead" she said, I said yeah and showed her my tattoo, "Aww darlin'!" she said and gave my a free beer.
I stayed at the bar for a while and walked back to the hotel when I ran out of money and bacame bored. On my way out of the casino they guy that reminded me of Ian called out "I'll see you at the last Radio concert ever. No matter where in the world it is I'll be there and I know you will be too!"
"see you there!" I yelled back.
I met up with my brother at the hotel and we decided to walk down to the Rod Laver Arena to see if there was mechandise, while we were there we watched a bunch of guys pack Radiohead's gear into trucks while hearing over and over:
At 1pm today, promoter Michael Chugg and Radiohead manager, Bryce Edge have announced that tonight's RADIOHEAD show at the Rod Laver Arena has been cancelled. Tickets can be refunded at point of purchace.
I bought a poster and left. On the way back to the hotel my brother and I met some other radiohead fans, they took a photo of my tattoo and they decided to walk to the Hilton hotel where Radiohead were staying, I had nothing better to do so I went with them. We stood around for half an hour until I realised how pointless it was and went back to my hotel.
I put on the Radiohead special that was on the radio and went to sleep.


Another post

pink fairy well.... now I can get pictures working.

On the weekend I went to my friend's party and I had a pretty good time but Craig didnt because he doesnt like my friends.
I don't know why he doesnt like my friends
My friend's like Craig. They think he's really nice.
But that doesnt mean that Craig likes them back.
Maybe if he spent a little more time with them he would like them.
I don't think Craig wants to though.

Donnerstag, Mai 20, 2004

The picture post

I have been trying very hard to put pictures in my blog.
I went to the help page and found that what I had been doing was correct.
Why are my pictures not showing???!!??

I am using this page to put pictures up.

If they don't work, don't blame me.


c Mermaid Haiku d

This is a mermaid
I really like pink mermaids
And pictures of them

The second post!

Woh! this is the second time I have written in my blog.
This is amazing!
Today I had a Toffee apple
it was great!

coloured writing is good!

I make pictures.. wanna see em?
This link

Mittwoch, Mai 19, 2004

The first post

I have never posted here before.
I dont know what to write.
I can't get my chair comfortable.
I am wearing green socks.
Rebecca thinks my socks are yellow.
Everyone else seems to know what to write.
I don't.